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No, I'm not a fan of 48 family.
The artwork just kind of suits me, so... LOL

I made a Weibo,
but I don't understand Chinese at all.
I don't know what to do there,
violently clicking all the links,
in the end I gave up, so... LOL

Jukebox DVD April 30th!
No sub!
Crying harder!!

Let's shine brighter,

( ; ^ ; )



Whoa, it's December already?

That's exactly what I told my twin brother when he ask me what am I doing on Christmas.
Well, I've been watching this Korean drama, The Future Choice
(or Marry Him If You Dare or Mirae Seontaek or Mirae's Choice. Gosh, there are too many names!).
Indie-movie-like poster.

Good line.

I think this drama is underrated.
It has a good plot, good actors and actresses (except the old ladies),
and a good character development.
I heard from my friend that the viewers are disappointed with the open-ending.
For me, I think it's kinda cool to make the viewers involved.
Make the viewers choose their own ending in their own imagination.

One thing I learn the most from this drama is
it is not easy to choose in the present for the future.

Did you feel cold too lately?

Let's shine brighter,
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I just realize that Sekai no Owari is very cute in all aspect
And there is
this drama I've recently saw.

Shima Shima (Striped Sheep).
The comic is quite nice.
But the drama...
The viewership rating are very low.
I can see why.
Why did I still watch it though?
I guess I'm too bored.

Let's shine brighter,


How is everyone doing?
I think it's almost (or already) summer
It's that time of the year that you can freely go to the beach,
climb a mountain,
or stay indoors eating watermelons
and drinking beers

Tomorrow I'm going to drink beers with my twin brother.
He became busier than me lately,
so I think it's nice that finally he had some time off


Let's shine brighter,
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Survey is Closed!

The Johnny’s Fans Survey is now closed!
Thanks for participating!
The survey participant is far beyond expectation.
We're so happy! ^ ^
We will post the survey result (or more to finished our task) in a month or so.

Marketing Task's Survey

Morning, eveyone!

I'm taking Marketing subject in my university.

We (me and makanayammati) were given a group task to do a research about business market.
We decided to chose Johnny's, because they are a perfect example for an entertainment business.
Don't you think so too? We can do our task while we can still enjoying our fangirl time too hehehe.

I would be happy if you could help us by filling this survey for our marketing task (Click here)

Thank you for your time.

Let's shine brighter,


I just recovered from sickness for the last two days..
My world seemed spinning that day...
And no, I don't drink alcohol..
I eat properly and wake up properly in the morning.
That's what made me confused why did my world spun.
But when I realize...
I don't sleep properly tee-hee. I'm a stay-up-all-night person..
and sometimes I do not sleep when it's almost deadline.
Ah, sleeping is important too.
So please eat well, sleep well, exercise well, so you can live well.

Take care and let's shine brighter, everyone
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Merry christmaaas~  

I'm sorry for saying it late, but we're still on the holiday week, everyone!
Did you gather with your love ones? Or did you go through it alone?
Or you met someone in these days and started to feel something?
Please have fun as much as possible while you still have the time.
Yesterday I was doing the thing I hate: chasing time.
I have to collect my task while I have another schedule to go.
That's one of the thing I hate. I have to do many thing quickly.
I can do task on time, but I don't like being rushed.
If I was made to rushed, I would still do the task while sulking inside my heart (lol).
I usually go emotionless, but lately my mind can be read by looking at my face.
Yesterday, when I rushed, a good friend said that I seemed so troubled. I was.
But when thing started to slow down, my good friend said that I look like my burden was gone.
A face that you made like you were about to go home..

I'm home.
I'm home but I still have a lot of task to do.
I'm going to fight!

Let's shine brighter, 
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